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SAFE Mentorship Program connects newly arrived asylum seekers, who identify as professionals
or entrepreneurs with highly skilled U.S. individuals and helps them further pursue their ambitions.

Benefits and Opportunities for Mentees:

 - Activities, local experiences and increased self-confidence;
 - Opportunities to explore local environment and culture - leading to better assimilation;
 - Access to professional resources and exchange of expertise;
 - Expanding professional network;
 - English improvement;
 - Basic assistance and advice, leading to avoidance of common re-settlement mistakes
 - Skill and career development;
 - Opportunities to attend professional LGBT events,
                            network with local LGBT professionals; and increased chance to find business partners;

This program is completely free. In order to participate in the program and get paired up with a mentor you must first qualify.


Click here to fill out your APPLICATION.


Thank you for your interest in becoming a mentor. Helping LGBT asylum seekers apply themselves in the US will have a favorable impact on both a person's life as well on the community in general. For some mentee, having a mentor may become a life changing experience. Having a protege always comes with the benefits to a mentor as well; you are improving someone's life just by being yourself with your own personal and professional knowledge and experience. It's also a chance to improve your leadership skills and learn about other cultures.


We are happy to see, especially at this early stage, an increasing number of applicants that are very enthusiastic about this initiative. Ivy league grads, professors, lawyers, bankers, art and entertainment professionals - the network of our current mentors is nothing short of amazing. But please remember, that it's also your interests, hobbies and community life that can bring a significant value as well, inspire or reinforce your protege's ambitions and establish a real bond between the two of you. Please, indicate all these interests in your application as detailed as you can.


We are currently planning to start the matching process in August 2019 however, some of our mentors have already been paired up ahead of time so don't hesitate to submit your info right now.

Starting summer we offer free 2-hr coaching sessions for our mentors conducted by Jim Arnoff, and we will also keep you updated of any social events for our mentors and mentees as they come along.


Click here to fill out your APPLICATION.