Dear Friends,

A simple “thank you” seems inadequate, but it is what we can offer to all our frontline workers, many of whom are immigrants. This crisis has only deepened your commitment to serving our community, and I want to share an update on our continuing work.

SAFE has continued its partnership with Congregation Beth Simchat Torah and RUSA LGBT to offer legal options for asylum seekers.  Despite the slowdown, deadlines still exist, and many immigrants, including Sophia and Daniel, who are profiled below, still must submit their applications for asylum.

Confronted with the insecurities and uncertainties of this time, our community members have been asking for assistance with food, housing, unemployment, and benefits.  SAFE has been connecting them with resources.  Recently, SAFE held a housing forum to allow impacted individuals to ask questions of a housing attorney and tenant advocates.

In this unsure time, in which we have lost Lorena Borjas and many others, I am heartened by the response, including your generosity. 

Please consider donating to enable us to continue the very difficult work to come.

In safety and solidarity,

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BLM Pride Month 2020 Protests Thumbnail.

Pride Month 2020 - Month of Unity Against Racism

While the city has traditionally showed its Pride colors, many LGBTQ New Yorkers are joining to show their solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. .....

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A Mother’s Love and a Son’s Journey

For years, Daniel planned his escape from Russia.  Early on in his life, he had come to the realization not only that he was transgender but that he had no future in that country.  Despite the barrage of anti-LGBTQ+ messages, Daniel.....


Taking Up the Call to Action

SAFE kicked off WorldPride by marching at the Queens LGBT Pride Parade


Live Events

Lawyer, teacher, and life coach Jim Arnoff led the training of the first class of SAFE mentors.  His interactive presentation was a solid introduction to mentoring for many of us and also a great refresher course for experienced mentors.

Former Congressman Beto O’Rourke stopped by the clinic that SAFE ...

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What is “Genocide”?:
The Case of Chechnya 

Life is hell for queer people in Chechnya, the troubled subnational republic within the Russian Federation run by Vladimir Putin’s chosen henchman, Ramzan Kadyrov.  The tough-guy image Kadyrov has cultivated is absurdly comical to the Western eye. He snuggles with wildlife, strikes a variety of awkward poses while working out, and throws tacky public spectacles....

S.A.F.E. seeks to empower immigrants and vulnerable populations who have been marginalized due to their sexual orientation, gender identity, and other factors to reach their fullest potential by providing humanitarian assistance while fostering understanding and cooperation among diverse communities.

S.A.F.E. identifies and then collaborates with recent immigrants who would like to further their personals goals (e.g., achieving legal immigration status, finding a job, accessing healthcare, etc.) while giving back to the community.  SAFE views each individual holistically and as an agent in their own empowerment rather than as a “case.”





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SAFE conducts a monthly legal clinic, during which we meet with people on a walk-in basis and seek to answer questions regarding immigration status and options, including court and application preparation. 

Are you a recent immigrant to the United States or asylum seeker? Are you a native New Yorker interested in providing support and assistance to a recent immigrant or asylum seeker? Our mentorship program pairs mentees with mentors who can offer a lending hand navigating daily life, whether immigration-based needs, employment guidance, or general interests.

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