• Sebastian Maguire

Poems by Azeem S Khan

Thank you, Azeem, for sharing your creativity with SAFE!


As my foot connects with these streets,

Its Past, Present and hopeful Future consumes me

As I manifest into the person I wish to be.

This beautiful tornado has swallowed me.

Its diversity excites and enraptures me.

A Kaleidoscope of vibrant colors.

An Orchestra of global voices.

All with a tangible power.

These streets paved with an abundance of stories…

Some repetitious, others leave you in disbelief.

These streets maybe jaded and worn

But their promises still remain the same.


I used to live

But now I am just alive.

Alive in this beautiful casket,

Watching all the people living around me.

I pray someday I will be able to walk among the living.

But for now I have to lie in this beautiful casket I live in.

I yearn to live again

And in the darkness of my sorrow, I can see the bright lights.

And in the echoes of my screams, I can hear the applause.

And in my nightmares, I can dream of the happiness to come.

Hands to the sky

Weeping in my casket

Tears rising so I climb higher and higher

Looking down in fear for my life and the ones lost,

Praying for someone to open a door and let these tears out and let me in.

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